"There were three P's I popped during that war: planes, pussy and pills, bitch! Now go to sleep."

~ Ace Airman

Born in the trenches of the Great War to Ace Airdad and Ace Airmum, Lesley served in both wars as a fighter pilot. Lesley achieved 'ace' status at the ripe age of three and a half weeks, at which point everyone started calling him Ace Airman. During the Second World War, Ace shot down over 300 aircraft and was subsequently sued by Ryanair. When he was about 25 he was expelled from the Royal Air Force for using top secret phone lines to phone Hitler and talk about Star Trek, a show they both thoroughly enjoyed despite it not existing for another 20 years.

Before his expulsion from the RAF, Airman was teamed with CO Duck (a highly skilled plane-gunner) to locate and kill Dennel Brightzer, a Nazi informant, however their aircraft was shot down over occupied territory and CO Duck's wife was murdered.

After his expulsion from the RAF, Airman fled to the colonies to serve as a marine in the US Army. Though he didn't realize it at the time, he had been fighting in the Vietnam War for a number of years. After he was captured as a POW by the Vietcong he was reintroduced to CO Duck for the first time in decade. Shortly before he was murdered for stealing Ho Chi Minh's favorite copy of acclaimed movie 'Flushed Away', Duck reveals he has an infant son living back home called Fuck who aspires to one day be a police officer, and Ace Airman vows to protect young Fuck and raise him as his own.

The Brightleverse

Ace was first seen in the Beach House with Fronk and Frod when DI Fuck first moved in and again months later, having apparently not moved an inch since then, waking up from what appeared to be a dream involving a woman named "Monica" before having his catchphrase rudely interrupted by DI Fuck, who was only interested in acquiring Ace's old WW2 gun to help him rescue Pablo Pedro. ("The Eviction", "The Dan Bright Conspiracy")


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