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"How the fuck did the Construction Men do this? They're shit builders!"
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Born in the corridors of the HMS Redundant to Space Airdad and Space Airmum, Lesley served in all 7 Star Wars™ as a bin pilot. Unlike the 429,683,714 Ace Gripweed's before him, Lesley never reached the rank of Ace and as a result was severely depressed even before his death on the Eleventy-Second of Spacetember.

After Star Wars™ 4, Gripweed and his crew were tasked with clearing the debris from the recently destroyed 'Murder Moon', a challenge that he was not paid for and as a result took Dark Fader onto Space Judge Judy in order to settle the differences, Admiral Gripweed was awarded a lifetime sponsorship from Ion Bru to pay for his losses (Dark Fader, however, was murdered by his boss a few weeks later for being so incompetent).

On the Eleventy-Second of Spacetember Lesley Gripweed was brutally murdered to death by the explosion of a planet he just happened to be standing on, however, Captain Cuck managed to save approximately 6% of Gripweed's memories and abilities and insert them into a hologram of the former Admiral with the only issue being that Cuck found the DNA required for such a task sticking the pages of an old issue of 'Space Babes Weekly' together and, due to this, the hologram does not resemble the former Admiral in the slightest.

Because holographic Gripweed only possesses 6% of the former Admiral's memories, he regards himself a completely separate individual and even goes as far as to glare spitefully at those who compare him to his former self.

The large letter 'C' on Admiral Gripweed's forehead is meant to represent the rank of Captain, but because Gripweed does not hold this rank the crew of the HMS Redundant have unanimously agreed that the 'C' stands for 'Cunt', however Gripweed insists it stands for 'Cool' (something that he is far, far from.)


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