Mack Leash is a CIA Agent who flew into Daniel Brighton following the victory of Donald Trump in the Daniel Brighton presidential election, ostensibly to provide further protection to him owing to his new role, but DI Fuck has suspected there are other reasons. He was later seen at the presidential inauguration, guarding the stage while Trump approached it and later as part of the audience. ("Prelude", "The Inauguration")

By the following month, Leash had captured Pablo Pedro to help him find Daniel Bright before Jeremy Corbyn could use him to unseat Trump. Unfortunately before he could get anything out of Pedro he was rescued by DI Fuck and Froble Gruber. After a tense standoff between Leash and Fuck (from which the latter narrowly escaped), the rogue agent later caught up with the detective, shooting him once and gravely wounding him. ("The Dan Bright Conspiracy")


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