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"How the fuck did the Construction Men do this? They're shit builders!"
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"It's all clear here... huyh."

~ Barry Benson

Barren Byron Benson was cloned from the DNA of Daniel Bright's father, Matthew McConaughey, in the basement of a Las Vegas casino by evil inventor (and avid autograph collector) Doctor Dick.

Early Life

Due to Barry having been cloned inside a casino, he took up gambling and within moments of having life given to him, he had already transformed the dirty underworld of Las Vegas into a clean and family-friendly place to enjoy a Sunday afternoon, and as a result was that he was the richest man on Earth for a period of time (despite the fact he doesn't know what money is). However, this all changed when Las Vegas himself became concerned that Barry wasn't meeting the local educational requirements for his age and banished him to the Mojave desert with an elementary school teacher for four weeks. Once the four weeks had elapsed and a rescue team finally found Barry, it was discovered that he had absorbed the teacher and her knowledge through a series of 'deep-thought meditations', with such meditations being subsequently banned from the US along with Barry Benson himself.

The Brightleverse

Since the day he was cloned it has been Barry's ambition to meet Daniel Bright and tell him that his music is, and we quote Barry directly here, "Old-world bullshit with a hint of loneliness. hayhay".

At some point, Benson and Doctor Dick were hired by Epsilon and were tasked with finding out all they could about DI Fuck and the others living at the Beach House. Breaking in when no one was about, Dick struggled to hack anything due to all the computers running Windows XP and Benson was unable to find anything but a sheet of paper with the coordinates of the Beach House written on them, which he then sold to his employer for a hefty sum.

Back at the Sunny Vegas, Benson met Pablo Pedro during a game of poker with Billy P. Journaliste and Eddie, later expressing his feelings of guilt over his part in the death of DI Fuck due to the fact that the note he sold Epsilon allowed him to find and kill him.

Due to both his own feeling of guilt and the pressure put upon him by Pedro, Benson spent the next 6 months rebuilding DI Fuck as a cyborg, giving him the new name of Robofuck. Managing to finally awaken him with the help of his trusted Goon, Benson sent Robofuck to 1967 in order for him to deal with Connor Sarah, an old flame of his, in return for information that could lead to the whereabouts of Daniel Bright.


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