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"How the fuck did the Construction Men do this? They're shit builders!"
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"And uh, this is real journalism right here, okay, this is real stuff"

~ Billy P. Journaliste
Contracted by the BBC to make documentaries in the early 80's, Billy P. Journaliste rose to international fame and was regarded as the most successful man to have ever lived by president George W. Bush (with the exception of president George H.W. Bush). Within hours of 9/11 Billy P. Journaliste released a documentary titled '2001, Year of Fun', which was not received well in America but did sell three copies in the Middle East (it is believed Bin Laden bought one for himself, one for his wife and the third for his goats). After the documentary was released, Journaliste was banned from ever having a job ever again and as a result lost his supermodel wife and billionaire children.

Sometime after watching the hit documentary "The Disappearance of Daniel Bright", Journaliste got the idea to make his rival documentary. This was partly out of a desire to reclaim his former fame but also out of a desire to ruin the work of Pablo Pedro and Froble Gruber, whom he blamed for stealing his thunder in what he saw as his area of expertise.

The Brightleverse

Journaliste is first seen filming his new show 'The Journalist' shortly after the release of 'The Disappearance of Daniel Bright', attempting to discredit the latter in any way possible, preaching his own theories on his disappearance, later interviewing local bin supervisor Gray Jameson before breaking down in an emotional outburst of sadness over the beloved star's departure.

The following month, Journaliste set his sights on another important topic for his new episode of 'The Journalist', the ongoing presidential election, specifically the candidacy of small loans manager Donald Trump. Journaliste's first attempt at gaining access to Trump failed when DI Fuck stopped him but upon a second attempt he valiantly approached the suited business man and proceeded to accompany him on the campaign trail before Trump got bored with the whole thing and wandered off, not to contact Journaliste again.

He was later present at the inauguration of President Trump and was sent off after informing him he was only the President of Daniel Brighton after Trump mistakenly assumed he was in fact President of the United States, later heckling DI Fuck during his round of applause for Trump.

After his brutal reprimand from Trump, Billy was forced out of the documentary business for good and turned to full-on alcoholism, ending up in the Sunny Vegas for a night of high-stakes poker with Barry Benson, Eddie and Pablo Pedro. After drunkenly going all-in, Eddie shot Journaliste, instantly killing him.


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