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"How the fuck did the Construction Men do this? They're shit builders!"
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Located on the heavily fortified Ditchling 'don't even fucking try' Road, the CIA Headquarters is run by Nicholas Chopperman of the Daniel Brighton Armed Forces. Currently, Mack Leash is the only actual CIA Agent employed here but during a particularly rough period of his career in the early 90's Ace Airman worked as one of Niccy C's acclaimed 'Choppermen' but was fired after he attempted to land a plane on one of the Headquarters 56 heli-pads (this resulted in the deaths of all CIA Agents bar Leash).

As previously mentioned the CIA Headquarters boasts 56 heli-pads in addition to 15 submarine docking ports, 9 Humvees and a Star-Destroyer provided by George Lucas.

The CIA is currently working with a skeleton crew to resolve the Daniel Bright Crisis in order to bring peace back to Daniel Brighton and put an end to the riots that have plagued the city since Dannyboy56able's sudden disappearance.

The CIA are also closely monitoring the rogue fascist-state of Anthony Eastbourne, which seems to be climbing the ladder of power and manipulating the Daniel Bright Crisis for their own gain.


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