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"How the fuck did the Construction Men do this? They're shit builders!"
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"We haven't had a job in months!"

~ Construction Gaz
Raised by City College, all Construction Gaz has ever known is how to build. When Gaz was seven and a half he built the now-world famous Titanic, he claimed that it was "impervious to absolutely anything but hardened water".

Early Life

When Gaz was 17 he met Construction Steve (or was it Jim?) who was only four at the time but they overcame their age difference (much to the dismay of Construction Jim's parents) and together they created architectural masterpieces such as the Atlantic Ocean, the New World and even Croydon bus depot.

During the 2003 World Cup, Gaz and Jim drank so much non-alcoholic cider that they decided to play 'catch the sledgehammer' with their heads. It was because of this act they both managed to sustain horrific brain injuries and Construction Gaz can never fully recall the name of Construction Jim.

The Brightleverse

To this day the 'Construction Men', as they've half-wittedly named themselves, roam around the streets of Daniel Brighton, skull indents covered with a hardhat and flat cap, just hoping and praying that someone will give them some work.


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