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"How the fuck did the Construction Men do this? They're shit builders!"
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"I'm just randomly spraying my deo everywhere!"

~ Dannyboy56able

Born into a life of slime by Hollywood superstar Matthew Mcconaughey, Daniel help i'm missing Bright rose to interplanetary fame at the age of 13 due to the wild success his youtube account 'Dannyboy56able'. In the summer of 2016, Daniel Bright mysteriously vanished from his secure bin near the Dip (in Brighton), his disappearance inspired Pablo Pedro and Froble Gruber's international blockbuster The Disappearance of Daniel Bright which looks into his sudden absence.

One theory suggests that fans swarming Daniel during early Brightlemania could have caused him to fake his own death while other ludicrous ideas that can only be described as conspiracies seem to point towards Jeremy Corbyn kidnapping Daniel in order to win the Labour leadership and eventually defeat former Kemp Town bin man Donald Jillywinkle Trump.

In response to Daniel's disappearance, the global stock market plummeted and currency was reverted back to slave trade for a few days by former Prime Minister Go-Compare Man, riots tore through every corner of the globe (as a result DI Fuck's old checkered shirt got burned) and North Korea even claimed that Daniel was simply playing a substantially long game of chess inside their borders.

Scheduled for release in February 2017, Pablo Pedro and Froble Gruber's 'The Daniel Bright Conspiracy' aims to release cutting edge information on the whereabouts of Bright. However, due to the manic reception of TDoDB, cinemas have been stocked with riot gear and tear gas to anticipate the billions of Brightlemaniacs that are expected to attend the documentary's premiere.

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