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"How the fuck did the Construction Men do this? They're shit builders!"
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"The American government is a lot like a slide, I'm always at the top."
~ Donald J. Trump
Donald Trump, former small loans manager from the slum of Kemp Town, is the first and current President of the Peoples Republic of Daniel Brighton. After his political rival Jeremy Corbyn mysteriously vanished, Trump automatically won the election and was subsequently inaugurated in January of 2017.

Early Life

Born into a life of wealth (accumulated by his parents family rubbish disposal business), Trump grew up in the ghettos of Kemp Town, spending his youth as an apprentice at City College studying the art of waste disposal and bin collection. Influenced by the works of John Major, Trump grew up with the ambition of one day leading not his own country, but instead leading the United States. When this didn't come to fruition, Trump instead decided to run for President of Daniel Brighton, instead thinking this was just a clever metaphor for President of the United States, the position he grew up lusting after.

The Brightleverse

Trump first appeared in an episode of Billy P. Journaliste's show, 'The Journalist', being followed around by him as he conducted his presidential campaign in the runup to the forthcoming election under the protection of Sussex Police officer DI Fuck. It was during this time that he suddenly became bored and abandoned his campaign altogether. Due to the mysterious disappearance of the only other candidate, Jeremy Corbyn, Trump won the election by default and set to work reshaping Daniel Brighton with the help of his Vice-President, John Major.


Donny on the campaign trail.

Realizing that Corbyn was still alive and had Dan, Trump became paranoid that Corbyn would soon release him and take responsibility for his return which would likely bring an end to his presidency. Agent Mack Leash assured him, however, that he would find Bright first with the help of their prisoner, Pablo Pedro. Before they could get anything out of him however he was rescued by DI Fuck and Froble Gruber.

Despite this setback, Trump continued as President and set out to find a replacement for DI Fuck, reluctantly accepting Constable Sugar as his new Chief of Police at the behest of John Major.


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