Born on an oil rig off the coast of the Sun, Eddie Lesbian is a former homeless businessman who currently resides in the Sunny Vegas.

In the 1960s Eddie decided to become a businessman, but in order to do so he first had to sell his house, his office was a patch of grass that had a desk on it. In 1967 Eddie was visited by an individual that later inspired him to direct 1984s 'The Terminator' which rocketed him into worldwide flamboyancy as he came to terms with his sexuality.

At some point in 2015, Eddie met Barry Benson in the Sunny Vegas. As the two grew closer and bonded over their shared interest of smoking they decided to enter an open relationship.

In an alternate past, Eddie did not direct 'The Terminator' and as a result did not come to terms with himself, this resulted in him breaking Benson's heart and leading to his untimely death by Southern Rail.

Presently, Eddie and Barry live under the Sunny Vegas in Doctor Dick's top secret lair that can only be discovered on Google Maps.


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