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"How the fuck did the Construction Men do this? They're shit builders!"
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"Jesus Christ."

~ Froble Gruber

Froble Gruber (played by famed Cuban actor Franko Miguel) was adopted by the International Daniel Bright Trust when he was just 2 years old, as a result he has been subjected to decades of Bright propaganda and has entered a career in Daniel Bright Research. At the age of 21 Gruber was introduced to Pablo Pedro at a Daniel Bright fan club, their friendship was set in stone after they both got tattoos of one another.

The Brightleverse

In 2016, Gruber, along with his now best friend and close colleague Pablo Pedro filmed a documentary about the recent disappearance of beloved superstar Daniel Bright, lamenting his loss but celebrating the fact that the campaign to find him was making progress every single day.

Only days later, during the filming for the first episode of the show 'The Journalist', Gruber went to great lengths to try and ruin things for Billy P. Journaliste, even attacking him at one point. Their fame was cut short however as Gruber and Pedro soon found themselves on the run from the CIA and ventured into the Cyberverse to escape.

After being presumed missing then returning to the real world somehow, Froble worked with DI Fuck to find Dan Bright once and for all, having a strange vision of Doctor Dick and Barry Benson upon arriving at the Beach House for the first time and later assisting in the rescue of Pablo Pedro before the untimely death of Fuck.

After these tragic events, Gruber and Pedro finally resumed the investigation into the disappearance of Daniel Bright, studying some of his music that he had apparently released after going missing. This led the two heroes to their local branch of Co-op, where they searched high and low for the missing legend, but their only lead proved fruitless when he was nowhere to be seen.


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