"I guess it's time to do what we're both good at; beat the shit out of it."

~ Frod
Frod Sod is a former child star of the hit BBC series 'POKEMON DUCKO REGION' who quickly became sickened with fame and developed an irreparable narcotics problem.

Frod met his wife, Fat Cartwheeling Girl, on the set of Ducko Region and they were married until they were no longer married due to Frod's addiction to Hardcore Pokeography.

After countless publicly televised trials, Frod agreed to go to rehab to clean himself up, this is where he med Fronk who replaced Frod on Ducko Region until he was also fired for drug abuses.

The two decided to relive their memories and create 'POKEMON FUCKO REGION' a TV show that focuses on their funny Pokemon related mishaps. The show would have gotten them back on track if the entire concept wasn't just a heroin dream.

In December 2016, Frod was arrested and charged with 62 counts of assault on the elderly, being swiftly sentenced to 4 months in Sussex Prison.


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