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The HMS Redundant (formerly the HMS Triumphant) was built on the Twird of Planetober by The Brightlepean Union as a warship to fight off the invading forces from Anthony Eastbourne. On the Tenty Schmecond of NASAtember™, Gray Jameson's intergalactic rubbish-removal corps (GJigRRC) bought the Triumphant but due to space-law all weapons over 9 volts had to be removed.

It is thought that the war with Anthony Eastbourne was lost because GJigRRC bought the Triumphant.

The Triumphant maintained its former name until Lego hosted a competition to alter the ships callsign when Captain Cuck and Admiral Gripweed were given command over the Vessel.

On the Eleventy-Second of Spacetember, while performing a routine garbage collection maneuver in the Whitehawk System, Planet Chav exploded killing Admiral Gripweed and slinging the Redundant into the farthest reaches of the cosmos, Space Croydon.


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