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"But it can't be! You're seriously saying these are linked?"
The canonicity of this subject is currently disputed.

'its comedy' is the first video to have ever been uploaded to the Lovely Day Productions Youtube channel. Although this video is a short, it has no relevance to any LDP series and is not one of the official Brightleverse shorts. It's original title of 'its comedy (short #1)' was later changed, and the title of short #1 was given to the second episode in The Brightleverse "sorry son". Although the video is not relevant to any series, it was never deleted and so now seems to be somewhat of an introduction to the channel, containing (and possibly the origin of) LDP's motto and justification of all their content, 'It's comedy.'


  • Frankie Mitchell as himself
  • Paul Yapp as Interrupting father with a list of chores
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