Jeremy Barnacle Corbyn is an ancient space druid who was raised on MARX-9, a planet orbiting a Red Giant called Khrushchev-☭.

In 2015, Corbyn found Daniel Bright's Youtube channel and quickly set into motion a plan to kidnap the icon from Earth. After arriving in Brighton, Corbyn transformed himself into a bottle to stay hidden but was still murdered by Fronk and Frod, giving them the Labour Leadership. Corbyn had planned to promise to bring Dan back if he was voted president of Daniel Brighton, but as it took him nearly 8 months to rebuild his body he missed the election and lost completely to Donald Jillywinkle Trump.

After Trump's inauguration, Jeremy Corbyn googled Donny's number and sent him a particularly stern text, this is regarded as the single most violent act Corbyn has ever carried out.

It is thought that he is currently training Daniel to become a Jez-i Bright, a legendary warrior of the Communist Race, in the Co-op near Fiveways.


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