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"How the fuck did the Construction Men do this? They're shit builders!"
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"Sorry son, I can't let you in 'cause you dissed my favourite Youtuber."

~ Nicholas Chopperman

Nicholas Chopperman is one of the most famous inhabitants of Daniel Brighton despite the fact he disliked the hit documentary focusing on the disappearance of Daniel Bright, which makes him literally the only living thing on Earth that didn't thoroughly enjoy the whole production.

Early life

Put together in a secret factory deep in the USA, Nicholas is the first helicopter/human hybrid, with his creation being an idea of President George W. Bush as a way to "get rid of those Arabs once and for all". Despite his hopes, Nicholas ended up to have very little interest in bombing the Middle East back into the Stone Age and more interest in doing life-threatening amounts of "recreational" drugs or seducing women of high society.

One day, he decided to try doing both at the same time, sadly going one step too far, with the entire affair ending in 13 deaths after it turned out that due to his half-attack helicopter background, attempting to have sex whilst being off his head unfortunately resulted in the launch of his hidden missiles which lead to the destruction of the wine bar he was currently in and the deaths of many of the people inside.

After this, Nicholas had extreme survivors guilt and ran away to the small city of Daniel Brighton, with the only thing that kept him happy being watching his favorite Youtuber Daniel Bright online until one day he mysteriously disappeared, leaving Nicholas once more a cynical and hopeless man who believed all was lost.

The Brightleverse

After Pablo Pedro heard about Nicholas's plight and his reaction to the documentary, Chopperman's son, Samuel, escorted him to meet the once-prolific socialite so that he could ask him simply what he disliked, considering he wrote some pretty nasty comments about it on IMDb. Unfortunately, Pablo was simply told to leave, leaving him too in a state of serious depression. ("Sorry Son")


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