"Time to jack on."
~ Pablo Pedro
Pablo Oliver Oz Pedro was born into a family of Bright Enthusiasts at the age of 42, with his first word being 'Dannyboy'. Ever since then he has been thinking about Dan literally every waking moment.

Pablo Pedro joined the DBRC (Dan Bright Research Committee) after his disappearance in 2016, and it was here that he met his future partner in crime Froble Gruber. The two worked together in a top secret location somewhere near Kemptown on gathering research to determine the whereabouts of Dan.

During their research the two wrote, directed and filmed the hit worldwide documentary 'THE DISAPPEARANCE OF DANIEL BRIGHT', which rocketed them into violent fame.

After being sucked into the Cyberverse, an alternate universe so boring it didn't even get an explanation, let alone a fucking video, Pedro somehow escaped and was subsequently captured by the CIA and held prisoner by Trump and Epsilon. Pablo refuses to talk about his time inside Trumps lair but he is now petrified of Crocs.

Pablo pedro

Pablo Pedro before his time in the Cyberverse.


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