"We're in the Cyberverse, Froble... we've gotta hide 'til the heat's off."

~ Pablo Pedro
Imagine, if you will, a segment of the universe where reality does not apply. Accessed only by the Oculus Vive CIA, the Cyberverse is a location generated by computers that is so boring and hard to understand, that a video filmed in such space could not possibly be uploaded to the internet. Seriously. We went there and tried to do it, Mr. Youtube literally called us and threatened to phone the police unless we took it down.

Despite its impossible-to-understand nature, the Cyberverse is likely a dangerous realm where cyber-gangs such as the Pant Shitters, the Keyboard Cucks and OFSTED operate illegal operations.

In October 2016, Froble Gruber and Pablo Pedro entered the Cyberverse to hide from the CIA and engaged in the single most epic battle for survival the likes of which have never been seen before, but due to the battle being so dangerous Gareth was not able to catch it on film :(, he was beaten severely by Frankie and Fred for failing to comply to his contract.


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