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"How the fuck did the Construction Men do this? They're shit builders!"
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The Sunny Vegas is a casino built in Las Vegas in 1957 before it was moved by Barry Benson to Daniel Brighton in late 2015 after he was banned from America by President Bush. The Sunny Vegas boasts 642 rooms, 620 of which are bathrooms that Benson claims "you aren't allowed to do coke in", such personalities as Stephen Fry and Prince Phillip are regulars in the casino and it is rumored that Walt Disney's body is hidden in one of the many vacant restrooms.

Moving an entire casino from Las Vegas did not come without its struggles, thankfully Doctor Dick invented a camping-bag robust enough to smuggle the entire building into Daniel Brighton unnoticed. Once past the doormen of the city, Benson put The Sunny Vegas down next to the famed London Road Strip, in the golden plaza of The Level and the mindless-buffoons of Daniel Brighton questioned nothing and begun spewing up their pennies by the millions.

Mounted to the front of the casino are CUNTOR-9000 and SUM-R, two computers on the brink of sentience that are authorized to zap any people nearby who are thought to be American (it is for this reason Donald Jillywinkle Trump cannot enter). It is unknown why Doctor Dick decided to arm a casino but it is theorized the AI are in place to protect an 'underground lair' hidden deep beneath The Level.


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